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My story

I grew up in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, moved to Los Angeles for college, and landed in the Bay Area in 2012. Though I was raised with the typical sex- and body-negativity of mainstream culture, I have my childhood interest in animals and biology to thank for my lifelong, firmly held belief that sensuality and sexuality are normal and natural parts of life. Humans are social animals. We need intimacy of various kinds to be healthy – physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Having the ability to explore and experiment with different kinds of intimacy, and find what works best for each of us is, I believe, our birthright.

I am queer, which for me means that I do not limit myself to dating or being intimate with any particular gender. My clients are men, women, trans people, cis people, non-binary people, gender non-conforming people, and people who don't use these labels.

I am half Japanese and half Polish-Jewish. I identify as a person of color, white, and mixed-race. I see clients of all ethnic and racial backgrounds.

In many ways, mainstream culture separates us from each other, makes us compete for money and status, encourages us to judge ourselves against our would-be friends, and places a high value on the kind of busyness that hinders the development of true communities, a diversity of relationships, and the ability to truly and fully relax. Even at the prime of life, with jobs and families, many people realize that some hard-to-name inner need, a vulnerable need for closeness, is lacking in their lives. It is not selfish to identify and try to meet these needs. It is human.

I have been in therapy my entire life. I owe so much to my therapists, as they have supported me through the challenges of living in a rapidly changing world, my desires for unconventional love, and the pressure to find a sustainable, fulfilling career. Surrogate Partner Therapy called to me because I could see how valuable talk therapy was, and how work with a surrogate could greatly enhance it. When we grow up in a culture that either withholds touch or teaches us that touch is dangerous, one valuable solution is the simple, slow-paced healing touch that a surrogate partner can provide. Whatever your history, if you feel that your body needs more intimacy and compassionate touch, please visit my 'About Surrogate Partner Therapy' page and read on.

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