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Fees & Formats

My standard rate is $200/hour.

Format #1: Meeting regularly in the Bay Area.

In this format, we would meet for 2-4 hours per session, either once or twice a month.  Ideally, we would work together until you, your therapist, and I felt your therapeutic goals had been met.

Format #2: Meeting for an intensive.

In this format, we would meet for 5-8 days straight, 4 hours/day (with a half-hour break in the middle).  I am available for intensives in the Bay Area, and depending on my schedule, I might also be able to travel to you.  If I am traveling to you, you would be responsible for my accommodations and travel expenses.

Please fill out my Surrogate Partner Therapy Intake Form.  Once I receive your responses, we can discuss which format would be best for us.

Fees & Formats: About Me
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