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Couple and Builder

How it works

Here is a general outline of the SPT process

Step 1: Fill out my Surrogate Partner Therapy intake form.  I will email you upon receipt.

Step 2: I will have a brief phone call with your therapist, and if we decide to move forward, I will add you to my waitlist.

Step 3: Once I have availability in my schedule, I will email you and your therapist.  We will schedule an initial triadic call (one hour over zoom).

Step 4: Our initial triadic call will allow us to get to know each other and clarify our goals and intentions.

Step 5: You and I will meet every other week or for an intensive (every day for a week).  During this time, you will check in with your therapist between each session with me.  Your therapist and I will also connect between each session.

Step 6: Once we feel we have accomplished our goals or we have completed our intensive, we will make a collective decision to end Surrogate Partner Therapy.  This could involve a final triadic call and/or a closure ritual.

It is my hope that you will continue to work with your therapist to process, integrate, and apply your SPT learnings in your dating life and future relationships!

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